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Since 2002 and my first visit to Ghana, I have been fascinated by the African continent. This first visit set the foundations for a total of over 5 years, living, working and studying in Ghana. During a year at the University of Ghana, studying a Masters in African Studies, I learnt a lot about the incredible traditions and cultures that make up the continent. (Of course, it would take more than a life time to have an in depth knowledge of thousands of unique cultures!)

I set up this blog to promote innovation in Africa to the world. Many believe the African continent is stagnated and not willing to change, but that simply isn’t so. There is so much movement, there always has been. Technology is driving many African countries to change. In many instances, innovations developed in Africa are actually being adopted worldwide.

Investors, technologists and entrepreneurs need to know the potential of African markets, which is why Inventive Africa was born.

Thank you for reading and supporting. If you would like to be a guest blogger please get in contact with us on Twitter @InventiveAfrica or email, and please also share the blog with your network on Twitter and Facebook.

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Before I visited Africa for the first time my imagination I thought it was all about wild animals, bush and under-development. When I was there I saw a completely different picture. A country where mobile banking is far more advanced than anywhere in North America or Europe, an innovative power that has the potential to explode if only given the right ambient and conditions. Over time my interest grew and today I am launching this blog, because I’d like to share Inventive Africa with the world. Africa was exploited for too long. Many bloggers have become famous for their blogging. This shall not happen with this blog. I want my readers – and hopefully I’ll be joined by other authors, in which case it would be “our readers” – to focus on the people of Africa, their inventive spirit and the change that is happening there.


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