Did You Know you can monitor your building project in Africa from anywhere?

Did You Know you can monitor your building project in Africa from anywhere?

Tech hubs have taken seed across the African continent. Every week there seems to be another open for business, helping young entrepreneurs with their ideas, training them, enabling to share their skills with each other, and develop their existing and new ideas. This is not a phenomena that is unique to Africa, but it is having a tremendous effect on the innovation sector across the continent. From my own experience at Ispace in Accra, it was clear to see the impact these incubators have on their members and users. The vibrant atmosphere is infectious with ideas and suggestions and help available from every angle.

Lagos – Africa’s Start-up Capital!

In Nigeria, in particular Lagos, tech hubs are also having a lot of impact. It was recently announced that Lagos will become Africa’s start-up capital, overtaking Nairobi, and this is, in part down to the work of the tech hubs. CcHub is one such that is making a difference in Nigeria. They are an open living lab and pre-incubation space for users to work on their social tech ventures. Users include technologists, social entrepreneurs, government, tech companies, impact investors and hackers. Recently they announced a 15 strong list of start-ups from across Africa that would take part in its Make-IT accelerator programme next year. We have chosen a few of our favourites to feature below.


Across the world there is a huge amount of pressure put on children to pass their exams. It is not different across Africa, with students across the continent often facing many hurdles in order to pass their exams. Many students work for their family, or have a Continue reading “Did You Know you can monitor your building project in Africa from anywhere?”


Did You Know Africa’s agricultural sector is being driven by innovation?

Did You Know Africa’s agricultural sector is being driven by innovation?

Do you have an interest in farming? If you live in, or have an interest in Africa, then you should have an interest in farming, and agriculture in general. The potential of the agricultural market is massive. With huge portions of land available, and growing population, there is an urgent need to utilise resources, increase yields and empower young African farmers to feed an entire continent, without the reliance on food imports. Regardless of the need for agriculture, urbanisation is driving people out rural areas to search for jobs in the cities, abandoning their agricultural roots.

For those looking for investment opportunities, agriculture should be, at the very least, close to the top of the options. Food is needed, and food must be supplied. There is a shortfall of it, and therefore, there is room for more farmers, bigger farms, and/or better farming practices. With #CowFunding, and FarmCrowdy there are ways for people in urban areas to keep to their farming roots. There are also many other innovations popping up around the industry.

Jatropha ghana africa bio fuel.jpg
How I wanted my Jatropha farm to look!

Sometimes, I have to trawl the internet searching for innovations regarding a certain sector in Africa, but in this case, Mest Africa helped me with three great innovations the wrote about on Twitter. All of which compliment the agricultural sector.


Farmers rely on many agricultural inputs to make sure their crops are of the best quality possible. From the seeds, to the fertiliser, or the pesticide, so many things are important Continue reading “Did You Know Africa’s agricultural sector is being driven by innovation?”