Did You Know it takes just one person to inspire many?

Did You Know it takes just one person to inspire many?

A few years ago I met an inspirational lady by the name of Edem Adzaho. She is an incredibly intelligent hard working person who is intent on enhancing the skills of Africa’s potential workforce. She featured on the most influential young Ghanaian list in 2015 and has also been a TedX speaker.

Often a complaint from local businesses, as well as organisations that begin operations in Africa from other continents, is that the workforce are not skilled or prepared enough to start working. Africa’s youth population is increasing in size and is a great resource to be utilise by firms around the world, as well as in Africa. But, they need to be read, and well equipped to join the workforce. That doesn’t just mean having the right educational background or skills, it means being able to manage time, deal with pressure, have attention to detail and communicate effectively with team members and clients. All these points are regularly criticised by African employers in my network.

edem adzaho academy graudate.png
Edem Adzaho and her students at the Global Graduate Academy

With The Global Graduate Academy, as well as various other roles as a speaker and author, Edem is teaching and inspiring many of Africa’s youth to challenge themselves to increase their employability, and to be able to keep the job when they get it. Her Youtube channel gives little snippets of inspiration that anyone can take on board, whether looking for a job, or deep into a career. A woman of many talents, she also writes books (Check them out here) and has more on the way!

It is on that Youtube channel that I have had the honour of being interviewed by Edem. In this 30 minute interview, I give my thoughts on technology and innovation in Africa’s future, and also my thoughts on what the African work force needs to focus on to compete with the best in the world. (You also get to know a little about me, my career journey, and why I am so interested in Africa and African innovation!) I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to put too much about me on this blog, as I want the focus to be on promoting African Innovation. But, as a celebration of @InventiveAfrica‘s 2000 tweet, I thought this was a special occasion.

Check out the video below, and browse through Edem’s channel to be inspired and learn.

Thank you to Edem for featuring me, it was a great honour. It is important for people in Africa to have African role models, that lead the way and inspire people to better themselves. Africa has all the tools to compete on the global stage in technology and innovation, and it is people like Edem, that can help Africa realise this in the future!

Edem also has a Twitter account, so if you want to follow her check it out here!

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Did You Know you can Help Yourself be healthy with an app from Cameroon?

Did You Know you can Help Yourself be healthy with an app from Cameroon?

On Inventive Africa we have been privileged to have a number of guest bloggers. I started this platform to show the world what Africa is capable, and also to inspire people in Africa to follow their own innovative dreams. When guest bloggers write for Inventive Africa, it shows that there is so much passion for African innovation and technology across the continent.

Check out some of the blogs from out previous guest bloggers:

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Once again, we have another guest blogger for you. Andui Claude Ebaneck interviewed the CEO and Founder of Maelth Tech Int., Akwo Ashangndowah Jake, a healthcare entrepreneur from Silicon Mountain Buea, Cameroon. In 2015, he founded the healthcare IT Company Maealth Tech Inc. with mission to

  • improve access to credible health info
  • and strengthen Cameroons health care system by digitalizing cumbersome hospital processes.

Prior to their latest product, the HelpYourself mobile application, Ashangndowah has been in charge of many mHealth projects like the epills (a voice reminder system for patients with Chronic diseases for adherence checks e.g HIV/AIDS)

helpyourself app.png
Andui Claude Ebaneck – What is the HelpYourself (HY) app?

Ashangndowah – HY is a FREE simple to use, visually appealing bilingual mobile application that helps users share health inquiries/issues LIVE with a certified medical doctor for possible advice and connect to a platter of health care services all through their smart phones. The goal is to put accessible and affordable first aid, home remedies and other health services into the hands of every person in Cameroon. To achieve this, the company has brought together a team of clinicians, computer engineers, Doctors to focus on combining Health with Information Technology (Health IT) to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalised health care app with services that are FREE Continue reading “Did You Know you can Help Yourself be healthy with an app from Cameroon?”

Did You Know 3D urban farming in Africa is a thing?

Did You Know 3D urban farming in Africa is a thing?

Agriculture is an area of tremendous opportunity in Africa. It is also a sector that needs substantial investment, so that Africa can feed itself and lessen the reliance on foreign imports. In a time where climate change is threatening to make farming even more challenging in Africa, and urbanisation is taking the labour force away from rural farm land, innovation is needed to increase productivity and give incentivise the labour force into getting back into farming, and developing their businesses.

We have featured many agricultural innovations on Inventive Africa, many of which continue to flourish, like Farm Drive, who have recently been features on the IPA 2017 shortlist, and have won various other awards across the continent. It seems that every year, there are many more inventive ideas around the sector, and today two more will be features.

Connected Farmer

Over the past few years, Kenya have been a leading force in African innovation. Safaricom have driven innovation with their introduction of mobile money service M-Pesa, which has changed the outlook of the Kenyan financial sector, connecting many with banking services. There are many spinoffs such as M-Kopa and M-Tiba, which both aim to combat the social issues of health care and demand for electricity.

connected farmer.png
Connected Farmer mobile and web app

Now they are venturing into the agricultural sector and aim to help agricultural processing businesses in production planning by opening a communication line with farmers. Connected Farmer, and app, enables farmers across Kenya to digitise their entire end to end operations. It includes, farmer profiling, communication, collection of Continue reading “Did You Know 3D urban farming in Africa is a thing?”

Did You Know nurses are creating amazing digital health care platforms?

Did You Know nurses are creating amazing digital health care platforms?

I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time at iSpace in Accra, which is a technology hub, that enables startups to realise their dreams. In that time, I was able to make some short interviews of some of the inspiring young entrepreneurs that are based at iSpace and making the most from the support the tech hub offers. In the last two videos I published, Emmanuel told us about his promising fintech solution, and Theo explained his app for travellers in Ghana.

This week, we feature Hawawu Mustapha Yaajalal, who explained her platform MyDoc. Hawawu is a nurse, but her ambitions took her away from treating people personally, to enabling people to get treatment more easily. MyDoc links people with doctors, as well as selling health supplements, which will be delivered directly to customers. It also offers people a place to go to read up on health information.

Hawawu -MyDoc

During the last 15 years in Ghana I have met many career nurses, many of whom seem to not enjoy their job or be motivated to make a difference in the health care sector. Whether this is because many of them go into the profession because lack of prospects in other professions, or the system has eaten away at their passion, I am not sure. But, in the case of Hawawu, she is passionate about moving up the career ladder and making a difference in Ghana and to her family. It is this entrepreneurial spirit, and drive to better ones life and the life of ones family, that is exciting across Africa. More and more people are coming out of their industries to create solutions to problems they have encountered, and that is exactly how Hawawu is approaching her business.

Hawawu explains more in the video below:

Organisations like iSpace are there to foster these ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to enable the solutions to become reality. Without iSpace and their counterparts, many ideas would not even reach the development phase. These hubs enable people to acquire skills, or gain the help of specialists, to fill the gaps in their own abilities. Whether in IT skills, business development, sales, marketing or funding, there is assistance for those with great ideas across Africa.

If you would like your startup featured on Inventive Africa, feel free to send us a short video for us to post. If you know of an innovation that is changing lives, or you want to be a guest blogger get in contact with us on Twitter @InventiveAfrica or via email, and please share the blog with your network on Twitter and FacebookAlso, we have a new Facebook page! Please like it, and carry on the dialogue about African Innovation there!

Did You Know IPA rewarded its winners with $150,000!

Did You Know IPA rewarded its winners with $150,000!

The Innovation Prize for Africa has once again inspired a continent. After various events promoting innovation and creativity, the final ceremony took place on Tuesday 18th July, in Accra. We have been waiting with anticipation to find out who the winners of this years IPA addition would be, but the excitement comes from the huge variety of innovations that made it into the shortlisted 10. The health sector, agriculture, drones, innovative software and the energy sector were all represented in the top ten, showing that the continent is equipped to come up with solutions for Africa as well as the rest of the world.

In this blog we will discuss the winners and give a little analysis. If you want to read more about the other nominees, check out our three other blogs.

IPA2017 Part 1

IPA2017 Part 2

IPA2017 Part 3

IPA finalists.png
IPA winners with African Innovation Foundation founder Jean Claude Bastos de Morais

This years winner, and receiver of $100,000, was Prof. El-Shafei, who we had not mentioned in our previous blogs. (We had a feeling he may win, so held back for his potential glorious moment!) His innovation is maybe not as ‘sexy’ as some of the others, but it will make an enormous difference to production of energy in Africa and the rest of the world. He has created a smart bearing which changes its characteristics as it operates. According to the IPA website, the bearing “consists of a magnetic bearing Continue reading “Did You Know IPA rewarded its winners with $150,000!”

Did You Know #ADMP is helping Africa support Africa?

Did You Know #ADMP is helping Africa support Africa?

At Inventive Africa, we like to give supporters of African Innovation a chance to tell their story. We came across Afrik+Digital Marketplace (#ADMP) who offer support to innovations across Africa. Mireille Kooh, who has been called the ‘First-Lady’ of the internet operates from her native Cameroon, overcoming disability, is a feminist digital icon with an amazing Social Media footprint across Africa. She is nominated for ‘Web personality of the year 2017’ and has shown tremendous resilience in a very competitive environment: She serves currently as ADMP Super-CEO. She agreed to talk to us about #ADMP.

Inventive Africa – What is ADMP and how did it start?

Mireille Kooh –  #ADMP was founded By Hermann Djoumessi, MA a Fintech Social Media cryptoanalyst. Hermann teaches and consults at INSEEC (Paris), American Business School (Paris), CNAM (Paris), City of London and is a Bloomberg software guest-speaker.

We act as:

  1. the Prime African Fintech & Startup newsfeed on Social Media (Facebook group and pages, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, Whatsapp and Google+). We have a network of more than 20000 active startupers.
  2. We act as a Virtual incubator for African startups and will soon start financing them via Bitcoin/Ethereum ICO’s.


We are Pan-African and Afro-Optimists by nature, wanting from day one that, for example,  a startupper in Nigeria, looking for a coder in Tunisia, could raise its funds in Egypt, whilst being incubated in Uganda, to develop a South-African App.

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Did You Know cows are creating electricity?

Did You Know cows are creating electricity?

There are some really sh*t ways to produce fuel! Sucking it out of the earth in the form of oil or gas is causing is putting enormous strain on your climate, with records weather records broken every year and melt at the polar caps increasing in speed. But some sh*t methods are actually good! (But maybe a little smelly)

In Gauteng, which is not far from Johannesburg and Pretoria in South Africa, cows are currency. Herds of cattle, waiting to become streak and beef and beef burgers, populate the green pastures. A lot of grazing cows means, a lot of cow pats (dung)! And therein comes the innovation.


The dung from the cows, 120 tonnes a day, is mixed with 60 tons of paper, yoghurt, fruit and abattoir waste by Bio2Watt. This steaming pile of dung is broken down by bacteria which produce methane, which powers an engine, which in turn produces 4.4 Megawatts of electricity. This amount is enough to power a village of 1500 people.

South Africa have been suffering from an energy crisis in recent years, and ageing power infrastructure is not helping. The system created by Bio2Watt provides a decentralised solution that can be created anywhere there is access to the raw materials.

In this case, as well as providing electricity for the cow farmer next door, who was not able to expand his business because of power restraints, Bio2Watt deliver their power to BMW, who’s policy is to purchase 100% renewable energy for all of their plants. The power from Bio2Watt has enabled BMW’s Rosslyn plant to cover 30% of their energy with the biogas.

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